C# GOLD Parser Engine

Devin Cook has created GOLD Parser Builder to build parsers for programming languages. Grammar is described using BNF notation. Builder creates a binary file which contains DFA and LALR parsing tables. One can create a parser in any language using these binary tables. I have contributed to the GOLD Parser project by creating Gold Parser engine in C# and creating VBScript grammar.

Key features of the C# GOLD Parser engine 2.1

  • Parser is designed to be a "pull" parser, where client programs pulls data out of parser.
  • Parser keeps only minimum information required for parsing. So, it can be used for parsing large files without allocating a lot of memory.
  • Parser uses TextReader as a text input. So it can use StringReader or StreamReader classes.
  • Parser implements "lazy" string allocation for tokens. So, if token text is not important then no extra string allocation will be done.
  • There is a special Grammar class which can be initialized from CGT file once and reused for multiple parsing operations.
  • All Grammar properties and tables are immutable.
  • Parser uses special transition vectors for DFA and LALR processing to make them faster. It is especially optimized for a case where ASCII charset is used. It uses char value as an index in array.
  • Parser object has to be created for each parsing string or stream.
  • Parser has special parse messages to collect comments.
  • Callback function can be supplied to collect source lines.

    What's new in C# GOLD Parser engine 2.1 vs 2.0

  • Fixed m_lrStack overflow error.
  • Fixed DFA transition vector logic for small sets with Unicode characters.


    Online documentation for the engine generated with NDoc 1.3.1


    GOLD parser engine version 2.1 .Net assembly: GoldParserEngine_2.1.zip (This is for .Net 1.1)
    Autogenerated documentation for GoldParser.dll

    Engine source code GoldParserEngineSource_2.1.zip contains:
  • Full source code for the engine.
  • Source code for SimpleInterpreter sample.
  • Source code for Tree Builder sample.
  • Generated documentation files in CHM and HTML formats.

    Grammar downloads

    VBScript grammar.
    Triangle grammar from Programming Language Processors in Java book.
    CSV - comma separated value grammar.

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    Last time updated: 04/18/2007